What You Need to Know About Tire Rotations

Even the best quality tires will inevitably wear out. This is common knowledge. Fewer drivers, however, realize the importance of your tires wearing out evenly over time, which will allow for the greatest possible traction while those tires are in use.

This is accomplished through routine tire rotations. A tire rotation is when each of your vehicle's tires is moved around to a different wheel. Ideally, you should have your tires rotated at each oil change. This way, you will have a set schedule for both oil changes and tire rotations that is easy to remember and follow.

At our dealership, we perform many automotive services, and we are able to both change your oil and rotate your tires. If your next oil change is coming up, or if your vehicle's tires have not been rotated for a while, then don't hesitate to contact our service center today to set up an appointment.
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