Ford is Correcting Improperly-Sealed Aftermarket Modifications to Police Interceptor Utility

When a police or fire department receives one of Ford's law enforcement vehicles from the factory, they often need to install third-party emergency lights, radios, and other accessories unique to their departments.

Ford issues Modifier's Guides with the proper steps needed to install aftermarket equipment safely. When these guidelines aren't followed, however, trouble can ensue.

This year, Ford has been working with law enforcement across the U.S. to help correct a serious problem caused by improper modifications to the Police Interceptor Utility—a pursuit-rated SUV based on the Ford Explorer. In many of these police vehicles, drilled holes were not adequately sealed, causing dangerous exhaust fumes—including carbon monoxide gas—to accumulate in the passenger cabin.

Because this issue was directly caused by aftermarket modifications to police models, drivers of the regular Ford Explorer have no reason for concern. However, if you do suspect anything is wrong with your exhaust, don't hesitate to bring it in to Tim Short Ford of Morehead for inspection.

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