Our Staff Members are Here to Break Down the Meaning of Horsepower

If you've ever wondered where the term horsepower came from or why it is used to describe how powerful a vehicle is, it came from James Watt. James Watt decided to compare the power of ponies working in the coal mine to his steam engines. The term stuck and has been used since the 1800s to describe just how powerful a vehicle is. Horsepower can be used to tell you just how powerful your other machines are as well such as your lawn mower.

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Which is Best for Your Needs: Ford Expedition or GMC Yukon?

The Ford Expedition has flexible interior space options that set it apart from Yukon and other full-size SUVs. The flexibility of the roomy interior makes the Expedition a practical all-around vehicle for the family, personal, or business use. For example, it has shelf-like compartments; your sports equipment, tools or family favorite outdoor things can stay in the vehicle securely. It offers convenience; the hands-free liftgate helps when loading and unloading the spacious cargo area.

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Avoid Road Trip Pitfalls with These Easy to Follow Tips

If you're considering the road trip of a lifetime, or, just a trip to see friends and family, you'll want to have the best experience possible. Our staff at Tim Short Ford of Morehead is pleased to share these pre-road trip tips that will save you both time and money. Of course, it's also a good idea to bring your vehicle in for any maintenance or repair needs. Please consider these easy to follow tips prior to your departure:

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Make the Best Impression with the 2018 Ford Fusion

When you love your midsize sedan, it can be impossible to imagine giving it up for anything else. No matter what car you own, eventually it will be time for an upgrade. Thankfully, Ford has come out with a new addition, just in time - the 2018 Ford Fusion.

With its sleek and slender design both inside and out, the 2018 Ford Fusion is guaranteed to make the best first impression. This midsize sedan comes with amazing new additions, such as the SYNC 3 Infotainment System, pre-collision assist, and a lane-keeping system. On the inside, you'll be met with a…

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Rotate Your Car's Tires for Better Comfort and Safety

Tire rotation has numerous benefits to your vehicle.

First and foremost it helps to maintain an even amount of tread on all the four tires. Once the wheels are removed, you get an excellent opportunity to examine the undercarriage components and identify any problem in the vehicle.


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What's the Environment at Your Auto Shop?

When determining the place to take your car for service, the quality of the services is one of the major determining factors. There are other things that come into play, however. Many people prefer service centers with clean and attractive spaces.

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Maximize Road Safety on Halloween

Road safety is important all the time, but it's especially important on Halloween. With kids out en mass, you need to stay safe and avoid incidents that injuries pedestrians while they go trick-or-treating. These guidelines can help you ensure your safety on the road.

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What Does GAP Insurance Cover?

When you need to cover the amount you owe on your car and its actual cash value, then, you need GAP insurance. The cover comes as a relief when you are on the periphery of losing your car.

GAP insurance covers the full loan amount for your vehicle and compensates you in the event your car is stolen and unrecoverable. It also covers negative equity and helps to pay the outstanding amount between the actual value of your car and any outstanding loan. In…
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Schedule a routine oil change for your vehicle today

Procrastination is human nature. For many of us, most of our tasks and chores are put off until the last minute. However, some areas of life should never be delayed. When it comes to maintaining a vehicle, regular oil changes are essential. Unfortunately, postponing an oil change is all too common. It's easy to get caught up with a busy schedule. Sometimes, fitting in a 45 minute oil change seems like an almost impossible task.

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Regardless, oil changes are necessary. Luckily, Tim Short Ford of Morehead's service department provides oil changes. Why risk your vehi

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Navigate life more easily with the Ford Escape

We'd probably all be a little bit more unstoppable if we had an extra set of hands. Unfortunately, we've only got what we're dealt. That's why Ford has designed reliable and accommodating vehicles like the 2017 Ford Escape to help us navigate our busy days.


You have a lot on your hands. We have just the trick to make you feel unstoppable. #FordEscape

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Tim Short Ford is proud to offer you the chance to take the 2017 Ford Escape's…

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